Time is starting to run out

Since getting this website sorted, life has been very quick and strange. From having my father not do so well health-wise, to having the opportunity to return to professional gaming, I’ve neglected this site which is something I promised myself I wouldn’t do again.  With COVID-19 starting to ease within Northern Ireland, I aimed to be my own web developer and SEO, so that I could travel the world and be my own person. I feared that once again, without looking at code for a month, that I would forget everything but I don’t believe I have this time. I believe it’s stuck.

Time is running out for me. I’ve made the decision that changes need to be made to my life so that I can make sure I can keep to the plans of being the best person I can be. To be the person I want to depend upon. While the concept of esports SEO is hard for me to put properly as a business, I’m sure with time, I’ll figure out a good marketing policy. I now see through that time is now something that I must consider. Therefore it’s time to knuckle down and become very organized. I’ll be posting something soon.