SEO analysis of LEC (League of Legends European Championship)


LEC have a great website design but execute on user intent poorly.

The European League of Legends championship series (EULCS) rebranded to the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). A logo change was created and a new dedicated site about LEC was made. This site is what I’ll be talking about.

The hype for the LEC started with Riot’s video; Welcome to the League of Legends European Championship. With such a well made video, the website had to live up to the hype. It’s designed well but Riot has done so many of things wrong, it takes away from the LEC’s website.

What I’m looking for on LEC

  • Accomplishes user intent
  • Information about LEC
  • The teams and their involvement with LEC
  • Quick navigation
  • Speed

We don’t need to get into much more in relation to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Whilst we could talk about link building, behavioral forensics and page crawling, if it can’t do the these points, the rest of the optimizations won’t matter much at all.

The League of Legends European Championship’s Website

The first thing you’ll see on LEC’s website

This website is well designed and keeps to the hype of the video. There’s not much wrong in the design front but the issue is the intent of this site. LEC’s website is meant to be the one place to understand exactly what LEC is and whilst it does that in some capacity, it doesn’t do a good job with it. The one question it should be able to answer without any question or fault is this.

What is the League of Legends European Championship?

This question is never answered. There’s no mention of LEC being a franchise, cost of getting into the league, security for the league teams and the growth which LEC will be. LEC needed to answer this question and it hasn’t. LEC’s site doesn’t even explain why LEC has been created .All we know is what LEC is representing and wanting to be. That’s all well and good but it seems so pretentious to leave out such valuable information. That question asked, is a mission statement and it feels like LEC fails to answer it.

The front page

Front page for LEC

LEC’s website is well designed and loads up pretty quickly. Until you use the navigation on mobile, that’s the only time when you’ll find very small problems which you can oversee. The issue which I have with LEC is simple. There’s not enough information. Infact there’s no useful information apart from the video. Granted it can get away with it if there was more pages on the site but there is literally only two pages that you can access on LEC’s site without considering the team pages. If you want to find out the following, you’re not finding it here;

  • When does LEC start?
  • What was the motivation to start LEC?
  • What makes EU ready for franchising?
  • How does LEC help European Professional League of Legends?

The front page tells us what LEC wants to be and that’s it. The video acts as the attraction for the page. We learn what teams will be partaking in LEC 2018/2019 but that’s it. Nothing. If this is the intent from Riot, fair does but LEC isn’t catering to the user intent. I’m certain users want to learn about LEC and at least from the first page, apart from the video which I’ll get back with, you learn nothing new that the video didn’t tell you already.

The Brand

This page requires you to click a button before getting onto it. Despite having a navigation which says “The Brand” which just brings you down to part of the page which briefly talks about branding. In practice, this feels really unpractical. 

If there was going to be a page talking about what LEC is, it was going to have to be this one. There’s no other page to do it. It didn’t happen. Rather this page talks about what LEC is going to be and how it stands for it. This page speaks about the design being used in a branding sense and how the brand is going to operate. At this point, if a user was relying on this site to find out when LEC was starting without watching to the end of the video, you would never know. You’d be none the wiser.

What is the point of this site?

I get it. Riot wants to explain their vision for LEC and how it’ll be different. Fine. I can get on-board with that but there’s no page to explain what LEC is. If this website is going to tell us the teams partaking in LEC, then clearly this site has more intent than to just explain what LEC is visioned to be. If this site was only that, then they’d be little point to add the teams. Therefore I feel LEC in it’s current form in the original writing of this page, fails to explain what LEC is and that’s absolutely unacceptable. This was the site to explain what LEC was for anyone. Not just for the educated but for anyone that plays League of Legends. This site should have explained;

  • What is the League of Legends European Championship?
  • When does LEC start?
  • What is franchising and why has it been elected?
  • How does this help professional League of Legends in Europe?
  • What is the time frame for progress with LEC?
  • The history of professional League of Legends in Europe and why this was the next step.
  • Where will LEC be held?

There are probably a lot more questions which could be asked but I find it absolutely puzzling how these questions were not answered. There is simply no real good information on this site and with that said, let’s go to the last section.


Top of FNATIC team page

The one thing I really like about LEC’s site is their headers. You know exactly where you are and what to expect.

Main and only information

This is the only information we’re going to get about FNATIC. It’s really just an excerpt about FNATIC. With the amount of history FNATIC has and the length to how wide their story is as a brand, this is all FNATIC gets. This page needs far more information about FNATIC. The quick excerpt can remain for those wanting a TL;DR but there’s no reason a read more can’t be presented. Really, these should be custom made dedicated pages, celebrating what is FNATIC and their role in League of Legends.

  • Who are FNATIC?
  • How successful are FNATIC?
  • Show pieces of FNATIC LoL History.
  • The recent run to the finals of Worlds 2018.
  • Articles relating to FNATIC LoL and the roster shuffle.

The teams are the vocal point of LEC and to relegate their whole history and who they are within 124 words doesn’t cut it. LEC had the chance to celebrate who FNATIC are and then explain to the user, what their brand represents. Statements from the CEO and the current general manager operating within League of Legends, could have asked what LEC meant to them. The most recent LEC video about FNATIC, is still not shown and linked on FNATIC’s page.

My opinion about LEC’s SEO.

One of the most important things right now in SEO is this.

Answer the user’s intent by answering their questions.

This site does not explain what LEC is to the user. It explains the vision of what LEC wants to be but I don’t think that’s what Riot was looking for. If it was, then it’s certainly missed out on the user intent.

Before you can make amazing content that you can’t find anywhere else, a web experience which thrills the user and gain their trust by your authority and expertise, you need to answer the user and their intent. To answer their questions to make them more accepting. It is why in this post, there’s little SEO recommendations to be said because until this website answers the user intent which should be “what is the LEC”, the optimizations will come to nothing.

This site could aim to have better navigation, a meta description, easier to find links via Youtube and teams pointing to their LEC page when announced. SEO hasn’t been considered for LEC. The user is the one that loses out.

Final words

When I create a post, I try to answer something and imagine what the reader is looking for. That’s their intent, their reason for reading this post. This post is an SEO analysis and whilst it doesn’t go through any of the complicated actions needed for an SEO analysis, the intent is to learn if LEC did SEO well. In the end of this page, it’s concluded that because LEC failed to do a fundamental thing in SEO, which is to answer the user’s intent, there’s no reason to continue. I answer the question for my readers that no, LEC failed and I explain why they failed. LEC failed to answer the question, “what is the League of Legends European Championship”.