Pushing on with the programming

Since November 2020, I’ve really pushed myself to get back into the programming side of things. How many times have I said this? Too many times. I’ve said I’d keep trying though and with that, I can give myself credit. It’s taken too long to get to this point, how different would my life be if I kept going on and on when I said I should without stopping. I’m not sure but the adventure my life has given me, I’m sure it would have been different, for the worst.

COVID-19 has presented itself as a very unique opportunity. While the world is grappling to get back to normality, a lot of us are looking to use this time to upscale and get better. I used this time to get my life in order, work on myself and get myself back on the programming grind. In October 2020, I did take up an SEO consultancy role which slowed my progress down but it was the second time where I knew that I needed to know more on the frontend. I am tired of working in the SEO space where I don’t have control of the frontend and while I’m okay to let others have control, the big issue with SEO is if you’re building your foundation on weak technologies, then you are essentially screwing yourself over.

As much as I love what WordPress has done for me over the years, the technology itself is very outdated. This website runs very well but the more I try to customize it, the harder it becomes. Given I have learned Javascript “at a low level” I find it very hard to do anything with PHP. The technologies behind WordPress make it hard to customize the site to my will which is why I have moved to GatsbyJS.

GatsbyJS does what I want. Faster and easiest development.

The technology is far faster and made for performance. It’s made for SEO in mind and I believe creating websites with it, is very simple. I absolutely love GatsbyJS and I’m happy I’ve come to the point that I can now move onto the platform for ColdboltSEO. Slowly I will be moving the WordPress version of this site onto a cheap host of near £1.

I won’t have to rebuild all the pages or even the formatting because I will be able to source all the information that I have created, from this site and then transfer it on demand, onto my GatsbyJS website. That is absolutely fantastic and I’m so happy that I can do something like that. While this website will still look better than my version, I at least can work on that over time to the point that there will be no doubt, my version of ColdboltSEO will look better.

I’m proud of what I’ve done with this site. It’s not nearly as active as it could be but it’s something that I made. I’ll still be using this WordPress version to be my Headless CMS. If something were to happen to my version of the site, technically speaking, this version of ColdboltSEO will always exist, so that seems on the ball if you ask me.

It’s been good craic here but it’s time to start moving my site over in the next 48 hours. I’m happy I got to this point but I’m slightly sad that I’m moving on from WordPress entirely. Maybe I’ll come back. I doubt it.