Looking to learn NextJS

As much as I like to do SEO, I think it’s fair to say that’s there too much coinflip when it comes to esports and this is a bit of a problem that I have. I’d like to do esports SEO as something of a job, but the problem is simply the coin flip. I’m not happy with this and because of it, I’m shelving ColdboltSEO as client work for now.

I’m going to do some posts once every so often. I wanted to do it once a week but after doing a lot of research without much common-sense, it’s not a good use of my time. Learning more ReactJS with Next behing it, will help me get a job in any field that I want in the future. ColdboltSEO will operate as a place where I just talk about the problems of SEO within esports, may it be the teams or even search engines itself, but unfortunately for now, I’m not happy with how search engines understand esports teams and so I’ll be taking it easy for a bit.