I’m back at it again

Hello Again!

I really love where esports is going and I really like helping people. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) might seem really boring but for me, it’s my outlet to help people while letting me think about many marketing problems over and over again.

My last post was in February, breaking mental barriers. I can look back at it now and see my development from then and until now. I’m slightly annoyed that I didn’t keep up with ColdboltSEO but that will be changing for the better.

What I’m aiming ColdboltSEO to be.

I’m looking to position ColdboltSEO to be my place where I talk about SEO within esports and gaming. I’ve added gaming because of my interest with OBS.Live and Streamlabs with a couple more gaming properties. They revealed to me that esports isn’t the only avenue to which I can help so I’m looking to help with anything esports, gaming or streaming.

One of the biggest things I can do to help myself become one of the best SEOs available would be to continually do it. Therefore if I have an opinion about a site, expect me to talk about it and give out help and solutions for the websites which I talk about.

I’m aiming to help sites understand SEO issues

I generally like to help people and SEO is that outlet to help while allowing me to tinker around with problems that might surround that website. Of course, I’m aiming to make myself commercially available as an SEO Consultant within the Esports and Gaming sectors. With the free time that I have, I aim to help sites where I can help with for free. As said, for me to get better at SEO, I need to keep doing it and therefore it’s to my gain to help people where I see possible. I aim to do this in two ways.

  • On-Page SEO: A quick SEO checkup which looks up the current webpages/assets. I’ll look at what needs to be improved on each page and suggest changes if possible. If there are pages that could help bridge gaps for the user experience, I may talk about it.
  • Full SEO Checkup: This will look at everything for the website. May it be each page, keyword research, technology checkup, backlink analysis and competitive research, the aim would be to look at every aspect of SEO and apply it where needed to that site.

As per like CS minion management or trying to make that awesome animation cancel combo as Riven, it takes practise to notice problems, come up with a solution and action those solutions when possible in SEO. Any posts that I do will be revisited after two months. If I find I have any more improvements, I’ll update the post with said improvements!

I can tell you for a fact now that every LCS and LEC team, has SEO issues. While helping these teams understand their On-Page issues could help, a full SEO checkup would be needed. Adding SEO as a mentality to an esports organisation is a need to make SEO stick around full time. Fixing the On-Page problems isn’t going to do enough, therefore, making it clear that SEO could help to a business level is needed.

Full SEO checkups take a lot of time because the idea is if an organisation implements my SEO Strategy, it’ll work. Expect to see full SEO checkups rarely.

Finishing up

Inside a week, this website will be updated with a website/brand checkup and how that website is doing with their SEO. My site has a couple of SEO optimization issues but this stems from the performance side of things. As this site runs on WordPress, there are speed optimization problems which come with it. The solution will be to convert ColdboltSEO into a static site. This’ll be done using GatsbyJS as the static site generator and hosting the static site of ColdboltSEO on Netlify. Phil from PCollins.tech gives me awesome tips about website optimization and it’s something I need to get better at.

From sites like Redbull, G2 and Liquid, I see a lot of SEO problems and I aim to give those sites advice in my pursuit to become one of the best SEO’s available for Esports and Gaming. This should be good craic.