G2 Esports can increase search traffic by at least 140% using SEO

G2 is one of the most popular teams in the world. Its made some of the best teams for many esports titles and has done a great job with branding. This will allow it to generate 236,000 visitors in June (in the time of this writing) and will probably increase given the start of the LEC Summer 2020 Split. Unfortunately, as per like all esports teams websites, search engine optimization (SEO) is not considered at all. This is especially true for esports SEO, which focuses on the esports elements. Below are quick facts about this post for those that don’t have the time to read it all.

  • G2 stands to gain at least 130,000 extra visitors per month by optimizing it’s existing top 100/150 terms, considering a 70% rank one click-through rate (CTR).
  • Another strategy suggests that G2 could optimize it’s League of Legends division, standing to increase traffic by 38,085 per month, considering 42% rank one CTR.
  • Compared to it’s LEC and LCS competitors, G2 is one of the most qualified websites for users.
  • Wunder is underutilized by a ratio of 88.1, where his generated traffic could be at 8,503.08 but is at 98.
  • G2’s current search traffic is at 92,300. This can be increased at a minimal of 140%.
  • These numbers are a worst-case scenario.
  • G2 has proven evidence that it can beat Wikipedia for submissions, leading to good assumptions that G2 can beat out Leaguepedia/Liquidpedia with correct direction.

I would like to heavily emphasize the data being used is gathered by SEMrush, which creates very good estimates of the data but not exacts. The exact numbers can only be accessed by having access to the websites’ Google Analytics. If G2 or anyone else wants me to look over your numbers, I’d be more than happy to explore your analytics.

With data supplied by SEMrush about the number of visitors coming onto these websites, I decided to look at G2 since it was the best-positioned esports team website currently available, as identified in my May esports teams websites analysis.

G2 is losing out to a lot of traffic

G2 is predicted to generate at least 236,000 visitors in June. This will probably increase because of the restart of the LEC. Regardless, I used these numbers as the base as it’s unlikely these numbers will drop.

I decided to investigate the top 100 keywords that drove traffic to G2esports.com. Another strategy I used was to see how effective the players were in driving visitors/fans onto G2esports.com. Out of 17 teams in the LEC/LCS I looked at, players were the 4th most important thing out of 16 different categories of pages. This was behind team branding, the team shop and teams roster pages. As players can be the reason for fans/users to support a team or not, I chose to investigate the players over a roster page, which only consists of one page over 5 players.

The table below uses numbers from Google.com (US), the most popular region for Google.

US Search Traffic

Player Potential Traffic Current Traffic Trailing difference Ratio Traffic Captured
Wunder 1327 15 86.2 1.3%
Jankos 1393 60 23.0 4.2%
Caps 1698 234 7.3 13.8%
Perkz 1425 80 17.7 5.6%
Mikyx 581 90 6.5 15.5%


In this example alone, G2 is losing out to 5,944.57 visitors per month who use the US regional version of Google.

To get a good idea of how this would play out on Google as a whole, I decided to create an average estimation using Perkz. This was done by adding the US potential traffic + 9 other region locations from Google and their potential traffic. As we know the average trailing traffic (7.5%), we can get the lowest estimation of how much traffic worldwide, the players can generate if the pages associated with the players were esports SEO optimized.

Search Ratio (6.40) = US Potential Traffic / Combined Potential Traffic

We can apply this to the other players’ US potential traffic while subtracting that traffic by the trailing traffic percentage. This is what that looks like:

Estimated traffic based upon 10 search locations.

Player Potential Traffic Current Traffic Traffic Lost
Wunder 8,503 98 8,405‬
Jankos 8,926.56 388 8,538
Caps 10,880.31 1490 9,390.31
Perkz 9,130.30 515.83 8,614.47‬
Mikyx 3,724.71 573.03 3,151.68‬


Altogether, G2 players at minimal could generate 38,085 more visitors per month, when factoring trailing traffic.

I must stress that players could be better represented in the search engines by G2, but as far as I can see from a cursory glance and the way Perkz was represented between regions, I’m confident to say that this is the absolute minimal G2 could get from there players. To put this into context

  • I have only used 10 locations which include; US, UK, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, France. You can be assured this is worst-case scenario numbers.
  • The highest CTR used was 42%. This is because none of the terms ever hit 1st rank and therefore I couldn’t get a SEMrush predicted CTR for 1st place. I chose to go with Advanced Web Rankings: CTR Study.

For G2, that’s a 16% increase in overall traffic and a 40% increase in its search traffic. The changes are centred around making the pages useful. Players/fans have demonstrated they want to know more about players so these pages should allow for that.

Top 100 Keywords checkup

This checkup looks at the 100 best keywords per region. The job is to find keywords that G2 doesn’t rank first for, and then determine with SEO where it could end up. The job is to ultimately get every keyword first for G2, however, for many keywords, G2 will never be able to get first rank placements as it has no place being there. With a marketing team behind an esports SEO, that could be very different but I look at this as a one-person job.

For some of the G2 branded terms, SEMrush has awarded G2 with an 80% CTR rate. Because of this, I have opted to give two present tables of numbers. One is for 42% CTR and the other being 70% CTR. As I don’t know the exact reasons to why SEMrush has awarded many G2 keywords an 80% CTR, to play it safe, I’ve placed my amended CTR to 70% which should keep any errors to a low. The 10% buffer should easily compensate for any issues where 70% CTR is too high.

42% CTR

Region Potential Traffic Potential Trailing First Rank Potential
US 23539.57 4029 10686 159.97%
UK 8482.67 1001 8463 89.63%
Germany 10695.4 1097 17277 58.21%
Spain 8809.4 631 16391 51.75%
  • Potential search traffic increase by 90%
  • 84,047 new visitors per month

70% CTR

Region Potential Traffic Potential  Trailing First Rank Potential
US 32412.77 4029 10686 220.27%
UK 13209.07 1001 8463 139.57%
Germany 23762.7 1097 17277 129.33%
Spain 14557.8 631 16391 85.52%
  • Potential search traffic increase by 144%
  • 134,334 new visitors per month

G2 are currently losing out to around 134,000 visitors a month and that’s given the safe 70% CTR. In the unlikely case where 70% can’t be reached, the 42% CTR table can be used as a reference. The good news is, this is only taking into account 100 keywords which generate the most traffic for G2. This means we can look at keywords which aren’t added within the top 100 which have a high amount of volume coming not coming onto the site.

How would I be able to get so much more traffic for G2?

  • There are many keywords which G2 should be ranked 1st for. In many cases, they are ranked at 7th to 8th place.
  • Terms such as G2 Caps or G2 Lol should be ranked at 1st position. They are not and this needs to be corrected and can be corrected.

This is happening to plenty of keywords/terms. G2 are giving away traffic to other websites for branding they’ve worked on. If you want to learn more about how I can do this, you can contact me via the contact page or message me on Twitter.


It’s very obvious to me that G2 would stand to gain a lot from SEO. If G2 were interested in finding out why 93,000 visitors a month weren’t coming onto their site, I would be led to believe that they’re interested in getting 134,000 visitors more a month, knowing that it was only the beginning. Coupled with having a better site and therefore a higher conversion rate, G2 stands to only gain from employing an esports SEO.

If this is the state of one of the best esports teams websites in the world, you can sleep well knowing that basically every other esport team website has the same issues. Esports teams invest a lot in their social media to help with the branding, but diverting some of that into SEO would be the smart call for esports teams today.

If you were able to read down to this point, then you can know that G2 has lost out on 24 visitors in the 8 minutes it took you to read this post.  Every hour at a conversions rate of 2%, G2 loses out on 3.66 conversions and every day, G2 loses out on 88 conversions. This is considering if G2 even hits a 2% conversion rate. The smart play is to bring in an SEO.

Last words

G2 ought to bring in an SEO asap. They’ve done a great job with the branding thanks to their social media team but it’s time for G2 to do something with its fanbase. At the end of the day, G2 is a business and it has to make money. It needs to be getting more fans/users into its shop and buying merch. Given how good the social media team is, I’m sure it’ll be able to figure out a way to make the buying of merch into a status symbol which creates a marketing flywheel. G2 pushes their shop/merch store on social channels but that’s only accounting for 60,000 fans/users a month. My improvements alone topple that.

We know users are searching for G2 but unfortunately, search engines aren’t favouring G2 and because of that, G2 loses out big time. As an SEO, this is very annoying as an esports SEO who watched G2 through Worlds 2019 at Madrid/Paris, I would love to help them if the opportunity was ever given.