From WPX Hosting to GoDaddy

The sadness to move from such a great host. This post now serves as the first post mode on the GoDaddy version of the site. It makes me sad because there are so many problems with this site when it comes to hosting but that’s what I wanted.

I have had to learn that I can commit code without pushing it. I actually don’t know if this does anything to help but I’m hoping that it does something. We’ll see. Netlify is the only host that works with this method of pushing as for some reason, Gatsby Hosting seems to have problems. I am using a terrible host so maybe I should be surprised.

Thankfully I’m starting to learn how to use GoDaddy. I’m not fairly happy that I can’t use on it but I’ll figure out what the problem is. I can’t tell if it’s to do with the host or if it’s to do with I have no idea what so ever but we’ll get it sorted in the future.