TL;DR: The lack of information about Nemesis hurts this roster announcement. Structurally the announcement is fine but the lack of information doesn’t give fans what they want. The biggest questions are not answered and they could be very easily. This has resulted with fans not really understanding who Nemesis is and why FNATIC has chosen him, giving users a reason to look for new teams to hone their allegiance to. FNATIC should have answered the big question; “Why did we choose Nemesis” and justify it. 

After it was officially announced that Rasmus “Caps” Winther was leaving FNATIC, name drops including Nemesis had already spread. Days before FNATIC announced Nemesis as their Mid Laner for their LEC team, it had become common knowledge that Nemesis was joining the team. One thing isn’t obvious though. Who exactly is Tim ‘Nemesis’ Lipovšek? FNATIC certainly don’t give us much clue about who he is. This post quickly looks at the official announcement and how it could have been bettered.

What to expect from a high profile announcement?

FNATIC is the premier esports team in Europe. There’s no competition about that in any capacity. They’ve got the history, the performances and ground breaking achievements. FNATIC are set on a higher standard because of this and I expected more from FNATIC. Here’s what to expect from a good announcement;

  • Who is the player.
  • What have they achieved.
  • Why the team has chosen the player.
  • The justification to choosing the player.
  • Statements from the player manager and coaches about said player.
  • Moments of greatness. 
  • The history of the player.
  • What the player thinks of joining the team and league.
  • Opinion from the team about their new player.
  • A video showcasing said player and his ability to play said game.
  • Interesting facts about the player.

What makes this a poor roster announcement?

Because FNATIC are the premier esports team of Europe, they need to justify this move. It is fairly true that FNATIC nurture their mid laners from being great to become world class. FNATIC leave questions to be answered for the fans and it’s evident when you look at both Reddit and Twitter.  It doesn’t take away from FNATIC to justify why they’ve chosen Nemesis. It however damages FNATIC by not being clear to the fans. 

FNATIC fails to sympathize with the fan and the following isn’t explained well or at all;

  • Why is Nemesis on the team?
  • What does Nemesis exceed in?
  • FNATIC’s manager and coaching staff reasoning for his arrival. 
  • What does he like to play in League of Legends.
  • Opinions outside of FNATIC about Nemesis.

There is nothing stopping Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool and his coaching staff, explaining why they’ve chosen Nemesis as the mid laner. FNATIC could have talked to the LVP casters and asked what they thought of Nemesis and things the fans should expect from Nemesis. We aren’t even told what champions Nemesis likes and what to expect from him. This is a bare bones announcement where we don’t get to learn who Nemesis is and it’s a shame because this is the absolute best time for FNATIC to allows fans to learn who Nemesis is and get behind him. 

G2 do a pretty job announcing their new additions to the lineup via a single tweet.

Why should FNATIC  and other esports teams, care about making better announcements?

Their fans demand it. Given they’ve invested their time with the team, questions form and they need answered. If they aren’t, the fanship can be damaged. Fans want reasons to defend the brands they reserve and without any ability to defend their organisation, these devout fans simply can’t defend for the brand. These fans also start to weaken said relationship whenever better opportunities arise. The only things the fans have got to defend this move is little. 

FNATIC always develops world class mid laners from rookie mid laners.

This is a far cry for help. This is all FNATIC fans have got to defend FNATIC with.

Advice: SEO wise, by giving the audience all the information they can want in an announcement, this leaves them with a great web experience of that site. Fans want to know who Nemesis is and why FNATIC have chosen him. By giving fans the answers, they can know that the website is a great source for getting the information they want. By supplying little information, people may reserve themselves to Twitter or Reddit to get the rundown of information. Esports teams devalue themselves when they can’t meet the users/fan intent. It’s better to meet that intent everytime.


I'm a freelance SEO for 8 years and have operated previously as a League of Legends manager back in Season 3, currently a manager of a development skills team. I like to help people do better in Esports and I hope my posts can help anyone who reads it.

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