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Esports SEO posts on how the industry is impacted by Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I talk about esports teams, businesses and esports websites.

Esports SEO - 24th June 2020

G2 Esports can increase search traffic by at least 140% using SEO

G2 is one of the most popular teams in the world. Its made some of the best teams for many esports titles and has done a great job with branding. This will allow it to generate 236,000 visitors in June (in the time of this writing) and will probably increase given the start of the

Esports SEO - 2nd June 2020

Esports Teams Website Traffic Analysis (June 2020)

After doing the SEO websites analysis for Esports Teams, May 2020, it became obvious that at least one of the following could be applied to all of the teams in relation to their website property; It only exists to serve as a shop portal. They believe that esports fans no longer visit team websites anymore.

Esports SEO - 17th May 2020

Esports SEO Websites Analysis (May 2020)

As global esports revenues grew 10% year on year for 2019, esports teams/brands should look at all marketing avenues to grow their fanbase. I’ll look at esports teams websites and analyse how well they’re currently doing with their esports SEO. For those with little time on their hands, here are the key takeaways from this

Esports SEO - 17th December 2018

Esports SEO SERP analysis (2018)

It wouldn’t be SEO if I wasn’t checking the rankings for the key terms of interest. The head term I’ve been looking at is Esports SEO. A couple of days ago, I did some research to find out what websites I was ranking against. Summary: Esports SEO as a query is very weak. There’s a

Esports SEO - 2nd December 2018

The LoL Roster Shuffle/Swap SERP check

Both ESPN and Leaguepedia uniquely present the coverage of the League of Legends 2018/2019 roster shuffle/swap around the world to much success. As a result, their SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions) compete against each other at first place. How did they manage this? TL;DR: ESPN manages this because of their news platform being trustworthy while

Esports SEO - 22nd November 2018

SEO analysis of LEC (League of Legends European Championship)

  LEC have a great website design but execute on user intent poorly. The European League of Legends championship series (EULCS) rebranded to the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). A logo change was created and a new dedicated site about LEC was made. This site is what I’ll be talking about. The hype for