Posts will now present my advice/answer at the start of each post.

I like the way I write my posts currently. It asks a question and then it’s answered in an investigative format. The problem stems from getting the answer. It takes too long. I generally explain what the issue is, justify why it’s an issue and then give an answer. This works if a person is happy to read the full post however there’s a better way for me to write posts. For the future, I’ll present the question/issue but then I’ll present the answer immediately. The rest of the post will be the journey to how I got to that point.

I’ve always justified my findings because by just giving an answer, it’s not creditable without substance. That’s why my posts can be long. I’m making sure that what I’m suggesting is correct and there’s strong reasoning behind it. Nevertheless this website is meant to showcase my ability to do SEO and while I do answer the questions, it takes those that are willing to give me a chance, to have to read the posts in full. I doubt this is going to happen.

After talking to friends last night in relation to SEO matters, it should have been my chance to share this site with them. Unfortunately while explaining issues I felt with their employers site, concrete answers is what was desired. It’s not about the journey to how to get there. It’s defining a problem, how to fix it and then explain afterwards the justification. I need to learn to write to get to the point to what people are looking for and that’s what I’ll do.


I'm a freelance SEO for 8 years and have operated previously as a League of Legends manager back in Season 3, currently a manager of a development skills team. I like to help people do better in Esports and I hope my posts can help anyone who reads it.

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