This past month has been a slow one for this site. I really like this project and I’m so happy for the term “esports seo”, I’ve been able to compete for the 1st or 2nd spot. I have issues with the analysis page being ranked and because of it I will certainly be revisiting the page to improve it.

Blocks within blocks.

I had a mental block which stopped me from creating more content. I would question and doubt my ability to SEO. Questions like what exactly is SEO, what’s the difference of doing general content marketing and then making it for SEO and is the best content actually being made or is it catered only help search engines find the content. I was questioning SEO in general and that’s what made the block. Is this practice doing good and how does other marketing strategies compare to SEO.

It’s simple to go onto Moz and look at what exactly SEO does for businesses but my issue wasn’t how SEO could help but rather was it creating the best content out there. I say this because when you create an SEO strategy, you generally do a keyword analysis and then you plan how to get your clients content to be ranked for those keywords in general. It’s this process I wasn’t happy with. While the content is being made to help the user in some capacity, that content is only being made because there’s a demand for it and it suits the client to be ranked for it. From my point of view, this wasn’t the process of making the best content possible but rather make the content which best helps the user.

This small thing slowed me down for ages. Also other questions like how I would improve LEC teams with SEO. This was a hard block for me also because I felt the task was giant. I couldn’t figure how I could help these teams though I knew SEO would help these teams. I had already wrote about Team Liquid and I know they need a lot of help SEO wise. As I’m writing this, I feel like an idiot how this affected me so heavily but at the time, I was absolutely annoyed at myself. I couldn’t think of how exactly I’d SEO players, teams and even the league itself. I was a mess.

Back to the basics.

Then I turned to something which I’d stopped doing for ages. I started to write again. Simple really. A book and a pen. While I could write on my PC, there’s something fundamentally grounding by writing. Instead of trying to make the best of time and get the information out there, writing properly and clearly to read again, forces one to slow down. It allowed me to think a lot more.

To get the ball rolling, I started to write about the point of this site. What ColdboltSEO was all about and how I was going to make this project into something great. Then I thought about players, what type of content I’d make, content funnels and strategies which would help build the player, how SEO could apply to cosplayers and many more things. While writing, sometimes I would go in circles trying to break down a point or even getting to the solution. It simply was a way for me to put thoughts onto paper and while right now I question why I had to do this, at the time, I am certain that it helped out. The process of writing thoughts onto paper, made me able to understand the fragments of information and put them together.

I’m really not sure how writing has helped. I just know that I had some sort of issue when wanting to write about topics related to esports. Thinking that that problems was a lot bigger and complicated. However by just writing about those topics instead of making a proper post, I was able to break down the issue bit by bit. In the case of doing SEO for cosplayers, I was for some reason not able to figure how I could help them. Suddenly out of nowhere, it dawned to me that rather than thinking of how to SEO something, I needed a goal to apply SEO to. For some reason, this really was the “breakthrough” which I needed. Using this process of goals, I’m able to better clearly think of how I can apply SEO to achieve the goal rather than how to apply SEO to better the client/entity. I don’t know why this process of goals helps but I’m certain without writing on paper, I’d have not got there.

Being the best means more than one thing.

Going back, does SEO make the best content? No it doesn’t. Should the best content always be made? No. SEO can help make the best but it’s only when it’s needed. In some sense, I was relieved. It wasn’t a game of having to make the absolute best content. Rather it was about making the best content to drive the goals to success. To make the entity better than before for the right reasons.

I don’t know why writing helps. It slows me down but there’s just something grounding when writing. You have to get the thoughts onto paper and it’s not mindless typing. Sometimes my thoughts can’t get out fast enough when I’m typing and I notice that as I’m typing now. I wish I could explain it but really writing has allowed me to get my thoughts down better rather than having to remember everything. To put a lot of questions and to get them answered so those questions don’t need to be thought of anything is a relief. I can only contribute this to writing.

So how could I help LEC teams? It depends on the goal they’re trying to build for themselves. Then it’s about using SEO to apply to those goals and to best cater for the user. If that’s to get more fans, make the content better viewed or to make better fans, SEO helps the process to get to that point.

There was a process of time where I questioned what exactly SEO is. It took a process of getting all my thoughts onto paper to get to my conclusion and if my thoughts put down couldn’t get the answer, I needed to acquire more information. Eventually, I came to the conclusion of figuring out what this whole SEO thing was about. Expect to see content back on here again soon.

PS. I’d like to thank Tom Smith of for asking how I was doing with all things SEO. It was the push to get this rolling again. Cheers.



I'm a freelance SEO for 8 years and have operated previously as a League of Legends manager back in Season 3, currently a manager of a development skills team. I like to help people do better in Esports and I hope my posts can help anyone who reads it.

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