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Blog - 6th July 2021

Looking to learn NextJS

As much as I like to do SEO, I think it’s fair to say that’s there too much coinflip when it comes to esports and this is a bit of a problem that I have. I’d like to do esports SEO as something of a job, but the problem is simply the coin flip. I’m

Blog - 22nd May 2021

Time is starting to run out

Since getting this website sorted, life has been very quick and strange. From having my father not do so well health-wise, to having the opportunity to return to professional gaming, I’ve neglected this site which is something I promised myself I wouldn’t do again.  With COVID-19 starting to ease within Northern Ireland, I aimed to

Blog - 10th April 2021

From WPX Hosting to GoDaddy

The sadness to move from such a great host. This post now serves as the first post mode on the GoDaddy version of the site. It makes me sad because there are so many problems with this site when it comes to hosting but that’s what I wanted. I have had to learn that I

Blog - 9th April 2021

Pushing on with the programming

Since November 2020, I’ve really pushed myself to get back into the programming side of things. How many times have I said this? Too many times. I’ve said I’d keep trying though and with that, I can give myself credit. It’s taken too long to get to this point, how different would my life be

Blog - 8th April 2020

And we’ll fire another shot.

Good COVID-19 Morning, It’s always been my interest to restart this site and talk about SEO and how it relates to esports and I’m fairly slow when it comes to knowing what I actually want to do. To be quite straight, I felt like I was trying to do too much or I felt that

Blog - 16th June 2019

I’m back at it again

Hello Again! I really love where esports is going and I really like helping people. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) might seem really boring but for me, it’s my outlet to help people while letting me think about many marketing problems over and over again. My last post was in February, breaking mental barriers. I can