And we’ll fire another shot.

Good COVID-19 Morning,

It’s always been my interest to restart this site and talk about SEO and how it relates to esports and I’m fairly slow when it comes to knowing what I actually want to do. To be quite straight, I felt like I was trying to do too much or I felt that because I lacked the technical SEO skills, maybe I shouldn’t say too much. I aim to change that mindset.

What I aim ColdboltSEO to be.

There are loads of great sites which talks about SEO and how to become better at it. To list a few;

I aim not to be another one of those sites and to instead, allow you guys to know where to find that information if I talk about it. For instance, I have no interest to talk about all the different content types you can work on. This site isn’t for that. Therefore I’m happy to give away potential traffic to those that have done a fantastic job already. If you do want to find 113 types of content, Coschedule has a great post explaining this. Can they do more to make this section better? Yes, they certainly can and I might even talk about that if I’m interested but that doesn’t take away how good this information is.

113 Content Types To Organize With Your Marketing Calendar

The purpose of this site as I listed in my previous blog post, is to talk about my thoughts of how esports teams can apply Search Engine Optimization. The more experience I get, the better I become. The experience I’ve gained from this post to my previous one, has certainly helped me to learn more about how SEO can help esports teams achieve their goals. The advice was given to me to talk about how esports teams can benefit from SEO and how they can secure the most sought after search terms and while that is good for a lot of esports teams, it’s not actually a goal that these teams have. I will talk about this and use two teams, G2 and FNATIC as good examples but to be quick, both do little to do the following;

  • Answer questions the user is asking
  • Make sure people know they have a League of Legends team via search (strange that)
  • Keep people informed

I’m well aware that esports is moving to social marketing but that doesn’t mean they can’t use search engines to learn what users are looking for and to allow users to find such answers. I am well confident to say that both organisations are losing out to plenty of targeted web traffic which could help with achieving their goals. I will talk about this at a later time.

What I’m going to do with the site

I have a lot of opinions and I’m going to have to ground it to myself that I’m not going to be able to answer all the questions. I’m not a good programmer though I will work on it.  I can’t talk about much though I will learn more about it again. This affects a lot of my technical SEO however I know about the issues and can forward the problems to a programmer who I have much faith with, Phil Collins of 

I remember talking about Robinhood, Streamlabs and Stream Elements. These sites have many of things they still need to do where I’m surprised Stream Elements still haven’t 301ed their OBS.Live to the OBS.Live page on Stream Elements. They’re making it extremely hard for themselves.

I want to talk about what I would do to help a lot of these businesses operating within esports and gaming and simply explain why SEO aligns with their goals. Your goal should never be to just get page 1, rank 1 on search engines for many keywords. SEO is a means to an end for businesses. For example, I work with G-Science, an esports performance coaching business.

Search Engine Optimization serves to help them as the subject of esports and health, performance coaching and online performance coaching and it’s benefits, are not known at all or extremely little. We want these subjects to be known and for people to be able to access this information. We also want G-Science to be recognized as leaders in this industry. Therefore the goals are;

  • Get people to know about our business
  • The subject of our business
  • The services that we offer

The search strategy from there can be created but now it’ s not just about being rank one of page one. It’s rather to make sure the subject is known to people, that G-Science is known to people and the services can be found. Now I have something to work with.

Esports teams don’t work like this

For esports teams, I’m fairly sure that SEO is not considered much and I know that because of the lack of meta descriptions on many of their pages. For some teams, they don’t even work on all the web properties that they can and this is truly tragic as this shows the lack of creativity from many esports teams. I wish to change that by allowing some creativity for esports teams and explain why it’s crazy how some esports teams aren’t fully utilizing on SEO, if any at all.


I’m going to rant about how bad some esports teams are when it comes to to understanding SEO. It’s not always about securing the highest keyword terms. It can help don’t get me wrong but SEO should be a means to an end for business goals. That’s what I’ve learnt very slowly but I’m glad I’ve learnt it. There are better SEOs in the world than me but I have a fantastic understanding of esports and that’s where I come in. I have a lot which I need to get better at but I have a lot of opinions which I want to talk about. My opinions of how a team/business/streamer could use search engine optimization to improve on their goals are what ColdboltSEO will become.


Alan Reid.